Let's talk about blood flow in the aging man.

Blood flow to the veins and arteries, Blood flow to the liver And, quite importantly, Blood flow to the penis

What I've got to show you now is very striking very shocking and very revealing.

Because it's all about blood flow in the penis and what has to happen for a man to get good blood flow as he gets older.

First of all many studies show that blood flow diminishes as we age. This is normal and natural and not a disease.

The primary place where blood flow really hits us guys hard is is actually in the caverns in the penis, the caverns that need to fill up to produce an erection.

As a natural part of aging, the caverns get a little bit less able to inflate when we want them to and we are not able to be as rigid as we would like.

The result is not our imagination. The penis doesn't perform like it used to. This is all part of what medicine regards as normal aging.

However, my job is as a health researcher. All I do full-time when working for this family publishing business is health research.

The entire family's publishing company is all about male health.

So my job is a dream job where I spend hours every week poring over obscure medical journals and articles and the family's business publishes the results.

Years ago I started doing this to fix my own sexual problems. I was having great trouble getting an erection and maintaining erections and I had a whole bundle of pills and sprays I had to take.

I wondered why I had such terrible trouble when my grandfather was at the time in his 80s reported having no trouble with getting women and taking them to bed.

I know that's a weird subject to talk to your grandfather about, but my grandfather was an extraordinary person.

He was in two world wars and was a deputy fire chief in New York City and was always attracted to women and women always liked him and he had a lot of sexual escapades even into his very old age.

There are people like my grandfather who don't seem to decline that much and then there are other people like myself at the time who had a lot of trouble and this was when I was only in my 30s.

So anyway I started doing medical research and health research at that point. And it became a lifelong habit.

And then people started asking me for some of these results, friends of mine and acquaintances.

And I started emailing them and pretty soon I found that I was emailing them a lot and I was asked to work with this publishing company to try to give men the information…the company's mail list went from 0 to 45,000 to 85,000 to 120,000…

Along the way, ABC News even interviewed one of the company's principals about sex and orgasms, and the publishing company has helped at least 20,000 guys who I consider my friends, students, who have come to us for help with their sex life.

Along the way, the publishing company put together information courses that helped men a great deal, and some of these students responded with very positive stories of how this information has changed their life.

Just wanted to let you know, I woke up with the best morning wood I've had in while. Felt Great


I woke up this morning with a full mast and my girlfriend was ecstatic and said she had noticed me being limp and immidiately mounted me.

"James" from Great Britain

This when I kinda had to remove part of it because it's kind of personal and although I have permission to give these out to everybody I did want to have that personal information there so I just marked it off. But you get the idea:

I am dating a couple of gals and they both are enjoying the new me as much a I am enjoying my old self… Every day it seems that getting more like my old self.


So back to my story…I was actually able to get rid of all my medications and completely to this day I don't take any pills of any kind.

The reason I don't is because I'm healthy. My testosterone is high. My lab results are great for a man even half my age. And I don't have to take anything medical at all. No drugs, no pills, no prescriptions.

And I'm saying that because I think that you should listen to me because I do a lot of research and because I'm really healthy myself and I figured out a lot of things that I help my students with.

But you be the judge based on what I'm gonna tell you right now about blood flow.

So what happened to me was this.

All of my sexual issues are behind me and I have sex four times a week for 30 minutes or more and life is an amazing wonderful adventure for me being healthy and happy and now in my late 50s.

So I began to think that men should not have to decline so fast.

Sure we have to go at some point, but don't we all want to feel better and be healthier and have great sex into our old, old age? Sure we do.

The medical industry just wants to sell men a bunch of pills to fix their symptoms, so they don't sell cures, they sell pills that treat symptoms and hope you keep buying those pills.

Some people need that, and I'm not a doctor and I don't give medical advice. And my interest is in helping guys age more gracefully by staying healthy and happy and having a great sex life, better than ever.

Working with this family publishing company, this information has helped men like myself go from being two or three Minute men to 30 or 40 or 50 minute men.

It's also a fact that as we get older, the penis naturally becomes less sensitive.

This is a loss of sensitivity that is worse if you happen to have something like diabetes but it happens in every man as we age.

I discovered that sensitivity can actually be improved a great deal and you can feel 100 times more than ever used to by having sex a little bit differently.

I advise men to go really slow and enter a woman slowly and move slowly and at first they don't feel much but over time this way they begin feeling more and more sensation until they feel sensation in their whole bodies that they never felt before.

You can actually feel more during sex than you ever used to as a young man and it can get better and better — at least that's what I've experienced.

In addition to that, if we can stay healthier longer, we may be able to maintain our sensitivity. And that means that we feel great sexual pleasure and with great sexual pleasure comes tremendous satisfaction with life in general.

Also if you can have sex for a longer period of time and for longer duration, the evidence shows that your testosterone level will be higher.

It seems that there may be a relationship between the frequency of sex and a higher testosterone level so that the more sex you have the higher your testosterone levels in general.

I just think that it's great to have as much sex as possible because I think that it's very satisfying in life and for most men it's probably the most important thing.

And I find that certain supplements really help at least for me to maintain general overall health that can support a greater frequency of sexual activity hopefully very late into life.

It's like this: we last longer in bed, so we feel more pleasure when we are having sex, and so that we have good solid long-lasting erections, and good sexual adventures and pleasure for as long as possible preferably into our 90s like my grandfather did.

And that's where I started this discussion in this report talking about blood flow. Let me get to a super important discovery about maintaining good blood flow to the penis even into old age.

It is no lie that blood flow declines as a normal part of aging.

There are several reasons for blood flow worsening as we age.

One reason is that calcium begins to build up as a natural part of aging in our arteries including the very thin narrow arteries feeding blood to the penis.

This is again a normal part of aging although in some men they will have a medical disease most men do not have a disease but just have normal aging where their arteries get a little bit harder and a little bit calcified and a little bit less flexible than the used to be.

Did you ever dig up a water pipe that's been in the ground a long time?

Remember how the pipe had mineral buildup, called scale, stuff inside the pipe that could virtually kill off the flow of water through that pipe?

Same thing happens in the body. So I started to research what it takes to maintain good blood flow and support good flexible blood vessels.

You want to slow down this aging process if possible, which means slowing down the accumulation of calcium and plaque, and also keeping the blood vessels flexible and not letting them get old and stiff.

That way, the erection chambers can maintain good blood flow later and later in life so we can be having sex into very old age.

And I discovered that there is a specific vitamin that was newly discovered just about 20 years ago that is really responsible for this and that most of us do not get nearly enough of this vitamin.

This newly discovered vitamin can stop or even reverse calcium plaque in the blood vessels. And it can help maintain the flexibility of blood vessels.

And further, I found something very interesting about testosterone.

If you can maintain high testosterone levels into your old age you are far less likely to die from chronic disease.

And it's incredibly urgent for you as a man to maintain high testosterone levels. A recently published chapter by Dr. Traish from the Boston University School of Medicine shows very clearly why testosterone is so critical to your health as a man during aging.

Most men's testosterone declines with age and this is considered normal.

But some men are exceptionally healthy and they maintain their testosterone levels even into old age. These are probably men like my grandfather.

So I realized that in order to be super healthy I wanted to maintain my testosterone levels to be high as long as possible into my old age.

I realized that if my testosterone could naturally stay high, I could maintain good sexual function into old age and I would also feel a lot better.

Because men with high testosterone are more aggressive and dominant and more manly feeling and that's what I like and enjoy and want to continue as long as possible.

It turns out that there are reasons for testosterone declining in men that are very poorly understood.

However as I said, these studies show that as our testosterone declines, so does our health. I wanted to maintain my health and have high testosterone into very old age.

I found that there are certain prohormones that can help with that. Do you know what a prohormone is? A prohormone is like the apple that goes into the pie. It's the ingredient that your body turns into a hormone.

Cholesterol turns into pregnenolone and pregnenolone turns into all of these different steroid hormones including testosterone and progesterone and cortisone and estrogen that we need in order to be functioning men.

Prohormones are the basic building blocks of our sex hormones.

Pregnenolone is the most important of those prohormones. You have no doubt heard of all of these.

Prohormone levels decline as we age. But what if we can slow down this natural decline or even reverse it?

Men who can maintain good healthy pregnenolone and cholesterol levels are more likely to maintain healthy production of sex hormones such as testosterone and DHT even into old age. That's what I wanted for myself.

So I started formulating and putting together prohormones and vitamins and little known nutrients and mixing them up and trying them out. I have an advantage here, because my company has contacts with tens of thousands of men and sees what these men are doing and taking, and we can see how it affects these men and helps or hurts their natural aging processes.

So I started with what was working for these men, and what studies show us guys get low on and should think about supplementing.

Eventually I started taking a very unique, very unusual combination of prohormones, oils and vitamins that I feel is very helpful in supporting good healthy sexual activity and in slowing down the decline that all of us will experience as we age.

I call this Urgent Male Assist.

What you first notice about Urgent Male Assist is how each drop is intensely yellow.

That's because the core of urgent Male Assist is an intensely yellow substance called vitamin K2 MK four. Vitamin K2 MK4 is produced naturally in our muscles and in our liver. But vitamin K2 MK4 levels decline as we age. And the problem is, we need good healthy vitamin K2 MK4 levels to keep our blood vessels clear of plaque.

Vitamin K2 not only removes plaque, it also helps maintain the flexibility in the blood vessels so they stay more flexible and more youthful even as we age.

I also put a very strategic amount of pregnenolone. Here's why.

Testosterone declines as we age and yet when men are given a bit extra, they report having feelings of well-being and mental clarity and physical fitness that they did not have before.

Pregnenolone over time turns into testosterone and estrogen in the body.

Given in very small amounts, pregnenolone may be more effective than large amounts so I put in only a few milligrams a day which is all I take myself.

I also put a little bit of pregnenolone to to turn into much-needed progesterone, that opposes excess estrogen in the male body.

Then because we need a lot of metabolic support for these hormones it's important not to drive our metabolisms too fast and too quickly.

I want to have good sexual performance into my old age. I want to slow the decline of testosterone and sex hormones. I want to feel confident and assertive and dominant in my world.

To do that I need to make sure that I'm supplying my body with the things that we also need to support our youthful metabolism. That's why my Urgent Male Assist also has biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D3, and very important oils including methyl palmitate and phytol.

These key vitamins, nutrients and strategic oils help support healthy cellular metabolism levels and help make the vitamin K2 more effective in its job.

These are what I take in my cocktail every day and what I have put into Urgent Male Assist along with a few other things that I think are super helpful such as alpha lipoic acid and MCT Oil which comes from palm trees and can be helpful in supporting a good metabolism.

The whole idea of Urgent Male Assist taken over time is for a man's body to roll back the clock on well-being and hopefully to the more confident man he was when he was a young man.

I don't know any other supplement like Urgent Male Assist.

And in order to maintain purity and quality…We have Urgent Male Assist made in a limited run in a 100,000 square-foot FDA-approved facility with every single drop containing only the ingredients we say it does.

Why do I make a big deal out of this?

Because so many people that package supplements add all sorts of harmful excipients and additional ingredients in their formulations.

I think these are impurities and these may actually be harmful. They are called excipients. I think that I would prefer to take a liquid that does not have these excipients, these impurities.

So I did not include them in Urgent Male Assist.

Why urgent Male Assist is different

Every ingredient in Urgent Male Assist is there for a reason. I use the best dosages and the best studies I could to formulate the supplements and the ingredients in Urgent Male Assist.

I also make sure that we have an outside laboratory test the purity and contents of some capsules randomly in addition to the testing that is done in the manufacturing facility.

And the ingredients that go into Urgent Male Assist have a certificate of analysis that shows exactly the purity of each ingredient.

Everything I do involves and revolves around constant testing and quality assurance. Testing by independent third party laboratories for each batch. Testing for purity, content of major ingredients and avoidance of heavy metals.

But if you're not fully satisfied with Urgent Male Assist, all you have to do is call my toll-free number and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

You will get a refund of what you paid and I will make it as easy as possible. You can even return empty bottles to us.

I don't really think that's going to happen. Because you will love Urgent Male Assist.


Because you've made it this far, I know you are very serious about restoring and improving your sex life.

I'm serious about it too. I want to invite you to try Urgent Male Assist for yourself and completely shock your wife at your newfound sexual powers. Feel a higher better quality sex drive. And have that sexual confidence that you've missed for so long.

Here is where I want to make you an extraordinary proposition. I think that you can tell that I understand this problem inside and out.

And you could tell that I want to make it right for you and to help you transform your entire life.

The ingredients in Urgent Male Assist are very very expensive. And the way I produce it it is very costly as well.

But what I am doing is challenging the financial wisdom of my accountant. He has put pencil to paper and has said that I need to charge a huge amount for a 30 day supply which even then is an absolute bargain. My eyes widened when I heard this number.

No way could we ask a man to pay that much. But, if all Urgent Male Assist does is help support a better sex life and help your wife have a huge grin on her face in the morning, wouldn't you agree it will be completely worth $1000 or more, right?

Get $70 Off Each Bottle When You Order Today

Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed and I'm hoping that you get the amazing results that many men will envy you for

I am hoping that a few months from now, when you enter a room, may be club or bar hopping with young people, or when you are on a street full of young people, you will feel in your heart a total and complete confidence that you have the sexual stamina and performance that other men lack.

I want you to feel better than other guys so that you can look your wife in the eye and you know and she knows she will have the time of her life when she goes to bed with you.

And this will happen night after night month after month year after year for the rest of your life.

That's what I'm after. I'm after your personal success with this program. Then I want you to write me a testimony, a case study, so that I have it for use for other men who are thinking of trying out Urgent Male Assist.

I'm also including something that I've never done before…

You're going to get phone and email support so you can't go wrong. If you try this out, you will be very happy and thrilled that you did.

Remember, Urgent Male Assist has the combination of ingredients that can help you support a better sex life, more sensation, and a better sex drive.

So now, go ahead and hit the button and add Urgent Male Assist to your shopping cart. Everything that we do is confidential. And your financial information is fully encrypted with the same military grade encryption used by Amazon.com.

When it arrives it will be in a plain small box that is very discreet. The credit card statement will have our toll free number on it in case you want to call us or reorder.

And now, if you're still here, let me answer a few questions that come up for men that want to be super successful with Urgent Male Assist

Is Urgent Male Assist natural?

Yes, Urgent Male Assist is made from 12 natural ingredients.

Ingredient Label for Urgent Male Assist

Pregnenolone – a natural hormone that is made in the human body cannot be patented. There is a type of plant called a wild yam that is grown in certain parts of the southern U.S. and in Mexico. This wild yam contains a compound called diosgenin. Diosgenin is converted into pregnenolone in a laboratory, because our bodies cannot do it.

Biotin – In men, it is thought that increasing cyclic AMP is part of the erection pathway. And biotin increases cyclic AMP. Which is why biotin needs to be part of the mix, along with pregnenolone, vitamin K2 and numerous other co-factors.

Vitamin K2 – vitamin K2 also called menaquinone and is found in dairy products and produced by the bacteria in your gut. Our vitamin K2 is the MK4 type. The tissues can turn ordinary vitamin K into K2 MK4, so we chose MK4. There has been a lot of research and there appears to be no toxic levels of MK4 that have been discovered.

How often do I take it?

Urgent Male Assist offers optimal absorption and long-lasting benefits so you only need one to two servings a day, unlike some other formulas.

How long will one bottle last me?

One bottle will last you for a whole month.

How much will this improve my sex life?

Because Urgent Male Assist is not a drug, it takes a gradual, gentle, and natural approach.

Urgent Male Assist will give you confidence in your erections, letting you relax and enjoy yourself in the bedroom.

You will notice just how blood flows down into your member, making it pulsate with red hot anticipation.

Should I keep taking it even after I'm thrilled with my newfound sex life?

For the past several years, I've been using Urgent Male Assist myself.

After taking for a few weeks I noticed my sex life changing for the better. Me and my wife started doing it more and more often, it went from a couple times every month to 3-4 times a week!

That's why I suggest you keep taking Urgent Male Assist to better not only your sex life, but your health too!

So now my question to you is, how many more lost opportunities, more frowns on her face, more disappointments are you willing to endure?

How long will you let yourself be oppressed bearing the weight on your shoulders of this problem by yourself, alone.

How many times must you think, "not me, I can't do that with her, I don't even dare try,"?

It's really time right now for you to put your trust in me and I assure you that you will be thrilled that you did it.

Trust me that this is what can help you the most. Try Urgent Male Assist completely risk-free.

You get my complete Urgent Male Assist formula with three important ingredients, each one with studies showing effectiveness and without any harmful excipients such as titanium dioxide or magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide.

All of this is backed up by my no-risk, 60 day "you will be thrilled!" Money-back guarantee for any reason or no reason with me paying shipping both ways.

I've been thrilled to have my family-run publishing company for over 20 years helping men get ahead in their lives and enjoy a sexual life that they thought they were done with forever.

I'm really looking forward to helping you as well on your journey to a better and more fulfilling sex life. There's no need to wait a moment longer. I really want you to join me right now, this very moment.

Get $70 Off Each Bottle When You Order Today


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